Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Requesting?

Is the word request rude?

A request is when we ask someone for something.

Since we are asking someone for help, it is important to be polite.

These are not polite requests.

They are in fact quite rude..

What is request example?

Request is defined as the act of asking for something or something you asked for. An example of request is the song someone asked a band to play.

How do you ask for a request politely?

Here are some better phrases to make polite requests in English:“Do you mind…?.”“Would you mind…?“Could I…?”“Would it be ok if…?”“Would it be possible…?”“Would you be willing to…?”

What does asking for help mean?

Remind yourself that asking for help means you’re strong enough to admit you don’t have all the answers. And that’s a real sign of strength. It means you’re trying to deal with uncomfortable emotions, like humility, fear, and embarrassment, head-on. It also means you’re willing to be vulnerable.

What is another word for asking for help?

What is another word for ask for help?turn toconsultcounselconverseadviseinterrogateaskconfabconsidercommune36 more rows

What is an example of a request sentence?

Simple Sentences used for Request : I wonder whether you could give me a car. I am sorry to trouble you but I need your help. I hope you don’t mind if l asked the money. Would you mind if I ask your help?

What is the difference between request and ask?

When used as verbs, ask means to (information, or an answer to a question), whereas request means to express the need or desire for. … To (information, or an answer to a question).

What is the opposite word of request?

request(v) Antonyms: command, order, insist, direct, dictate, enjoin, require, demand, exact. Synonyms: ask, desire, beg, entreat, beseech, petition, supplicate, solicit, demand.

Do a request or make a request?

When you ask for a favour or a gift or make a demand or a request you are asking the other person to give you something, and the idiom employs a preposition which expresses not the direction of the communication but the direction of the giving which is to follow, from the person requested back to the person making the …

What is the synonym of request?


What is a formal request called?

petition. a formal request for government action(p.

What does request mean?

1 : the act or an instance of asking for something. 2 : something asked for granted her request. 3 : the condition or fact of being requested available on request.

How do you ask for help quotes?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:Can you give me a hand with this?Could you help me for a second?Can I ask a favour?I wonder if you could help me with this?I could do with some help, please.I can’t manage. Can you help?Give me a hand with this, will you?Lend me a hand with this, will you?More items…

What word means helping others?

In this page you can discover 117 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for helping, like: aiding, auxiliary, assisting, contributing, advancing, synergistic, in combination with, facilitating, working with, serving and treating.

What is a stronger word for request?

Synonyms for request. ask (for), order, put in (for), requisition.

How do you ask for something nicely?

Use “WOULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR.” This is often used and you must use it when you are asking for a special request or favor. Other phrases for asking something to someone nicely are “DO YOU MIND,” WOULD YOU MIND, COULD I, WOULD IT BE OK IF, WOULD IT BE POSSIBLE, WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO, etc.

Is kindly request correct?

“Which one is correct, “you are requested kindly” or “you are kindly requested”? Grammatically they’re both correct, provided that what you’re trying to do is impress your listener with how kind you are. Both forms are, in effect, saying “I am being kind by requesting this”.