Question: Who Is The Man Pretending To Be Raymond Reddington?

Who is the fake Reddington?

Ilya KoslovThat’s because when he emerged a year after the fire, Raymond Reddington was in fact Ilya Koslov, disguised as Raymond Reddington by Dr.

Hans Koehler, and fed all the information he could possibly need to know about Raymond Reddington by his former spy-lover, Katarina Rostova..

Is Frank Ilya Koslov?

Ah, yes: Ilya Koslov, aka Frank Bloom, aka The Stranger.

Is Red Katarina Rostova?

Katarina Rostova is supposed to be the female version of Raymond Reddington with a history so great that intelligence agencies shiver at the mention of her name. The people with the closest connection to her were Dom, Red, and Illya Koslov, all of whom don’t seem to recognize this Katarina.

Is Ilya really Raymond Reddington?

‘The Blacklist’ Bosses on What Fall Finale’s Big Red Reveal Means for Katarina and Liz’s Future. … “The Blacklist” fans have known for a little while now that Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) isn’t actually Raymond “Red” Reddington, but Ilya Koslov.

Who is the real life Raymond Reddington?

Whitey BulgerThe real version of Raymond Reddington is reportedly the infamous Boston criminal Whitey Bulger, who allegedly killed 19 individuals. As stated, the FBI has listed Bulger in its “most wanted fugitives” for twenty years.

Does Dembe die?

Dembe is “shot” in the chest by Agent Navabi, in an attempt to “rescue” Kenneth, only to bring him to Reddington.

What is the real name of Raymond Reddington?

James Todd SpaderJames SpaderBornJames Todd Spader February 7, 1960 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.OccupationActor, ProducerYears active1978–presentKnown forRaymond “Red” Reddington in The Blacklist4 more rows

Is Raymond Reddington a bad guy?

In the recent season it has become clear he is a villain primarily devoted to his own needs. He is not even Raymond Reddington a hero devoted to service to the United States but someone who was able to steal Red’s identity.

Is Ilya Koslov Elizabeth’s father?

While Liz initially defends Red, her mother provides shocking news: Red is lying, he is not Ilya Koslov.

Why is Raymond Reddington an imposter?

The Real Raymond Reddington Was Believed to Have Died After His Disappearance In 1990. Despite the fact that the current Reddington is an imposter, it appears that he was also involved in the fate of Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova.

Who is Elizabeth Keen’s real father?

Raymond ReddingtonRemember when The Blacklist finally revealed that Raymond Reddington (James Spader) is indeed the father of Liz Keen (Megan Boone)? Yeah, that twist pales in comparison to the season 5 finale shocker: Spader isn’t actually portraying the infamous criminal mastermind.

Is the fake Reddington Liz’s father?

Season 6 seemingly revealed the truth, revealing that yes, Raymond Reddington IS Liz’s father – but the man Liz knows isn’t Reddington. … He also doesn’t consider himself to be the old Raymond, and hence doesn’t see himself as Liz’s true father.