Question: Who Is Radio 4 Target Audience?

Who is the target audience for radio?

Target audiences are usually described in demographic terms – the type of information collected by a Census: age group, sex, education, occupation, and so on.

As most variation in radio listening is related to the age of the audience, target audiences are most often expressed in terms of age groups..

What is BBC’s target audience?

BBC Newsnight targets an older, adult audience and therefore presents news with more detailed or in-depth content and analysis. Older viewers may watch Newsround and some younger viewers may find Newsnight content interesting – but both programmes are primarily targeted at a defined age group.

How do I listen to Radio 4 again?

You can listen live online and also listen again to programmes broadcast at Radio 4’s website. You listen live by accessing the link in the top banner or catch up on a past programme by finding a programme in the Schedule.

Are radio ads effective?

Despite all the changes in the last decade in how Americans access music, AM/FM radio is still the most cost-effective advertising medium today. It’s an inexpensive way to reach your existing and potential customers.

How many listeners does Radio 4 have?

BBC Radio 4 posted a weekly reach of 10.98 million during the quarter (10.34m last quarter and 10.48m last year). The Today programme (Mon – Sat) has 7.17 million listeners each week, from 6.6m last quarter and 6.8m last year.

Which radio station has the most listeners?

Sirius XM Radio has a base of 34.3 million subscribers as of 2020. American Top 40 attracts over 20 million listeners per week….Popular radio shows in the United States.ProgramAll Things ConsideredFormatNewsmagazineNetworkNPRBroadcast TimePM DriveWeekly listeners (in millions)14.719 more columns

What is the target audience for Radio 2?

The remit of Radio 2 is to be a distinctive mixed music and speech service, targeted at a broad audience, appealing to all age groups over 35.

Who reads the news on Radio 4?

Nunes joined the BBC World Service as a producer and presenter of current affairs programmes. He also reads world news bulletins on the World Service in addition to his Radio 4 continuity work. He also features as “Narrator” on Twirlywoos.

Is Radio 2 losing listeners?

Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show has lost 1 million weekly listeners since she replaced Chris Evans as presenter of the UK’s most popular breakfast show. … While overall, BBC Radio 2 lost a small number of listeners quarter on quarter, to 14.3 million, the station has also lost a million listeners during the past year.

What is the remit of Radio 4?

The remit of Radio 4 is to be a mixed speech service, offering in-depth news and current affairs and a wide range of other speech output including drama, readings, comedy, factual and magazine programmes.

What was on Radio 4 today?

Morning06:00. News and Papers16/01/2021. … 06:07. Open CountrySnowdrop Country. … 06:30. Farming Today16/01/21 Farming Today This Week: EU exports, Emergency Sugar Beet Pesticides, Sea Shanties. … 06:57. Weather16/01/2021. … 07:00. Today16/01/2021. … 09:00. Saturday LiveJoan Bakewell. … 10:30. … 11:00.More items…

How does Radio 4 target their audience?

BBC Four’s target audience is adults aged 35 and over. Its remit is to ‘reflect a range of UK and international arts, music and culture. ‘ Programmes such as the documentary series Storyville or What Do Artists Do All Day?

How does beats 1 target its audience?

How does Apple Beats 1 target its audience? … Content exclusive to Beats1 such as Taylor Swift back catalogue (which is not available on Spotify). Artists sign exclusivity deals with certain online providers. This does influence what music DJs can play as artists who have signed up to Apple may get preference.

Who is presenting today on Radio 4 today?

Today, the team is made up of John Humphrys, Martha Kearney, Mishal Husain, Justin Webb and Nick Robinson.

What makes a good radio station?

What Makes a Radio Station Successful?Know your audience. Who listens to your station? … Retain and grow your audience. Both retaining and growing your audience is important. … Make it easy for listeners. … Keep content fresh. … Stay legal. … Focus on quality.