How Do You Change State In West Game?

How do you gather resources in the West game?

Resource StationsSend Troops to Food stations to gather Food.Send Troops to Wood Stations to gather Wood.Send Troops to Wood Stations to gather Stone.Send Troops to Iron Stations to gather Iron.Send Troops to Silver Stations to gather Silver.

Spawns sometimes in the location of a slain outlaw, and contains a random resource..

How do I recall troops in West game?

Go to the Keep, open the “Garrisons” tab, and tap on the corresponding Garrison. 2. Select the Units you want to recall, and then tap the “Recall” button.

What are loyalty points in West game?

Loyalty is gained as a reward from various Alliance related Task. A versitile resource, it may be used to perches different kinds of goods from the Loyalty Store. To access the Loyalty store, tap the “Items” Icon at the bottom of the screen then select the Loyalty store tab.

What is tile hitting in West game?

Seasoned gamers may already be familiar, but for everyone else new to MMO terminology here is the definition of Tile Hitting. Tile Hitting, otherwise known as “Tiling” means attacking a resource tile that already has another player’s troops on it. Some states enforce a rule against tiling at all times.

How do you recall troops in Evony?

Go to feasting hall, check the hero who has “march” or “return” status in the last column and the “Recall” button is activated. Click the “recall” button for the hero whom you want to recall. 2. Click ‘Reports'(in right of quests button) then ‘Army Movement’ tab.

Is West game free?

You will find everything that a true Western fan expects in this Unprecedented Excitement. Come and experience FOR FREE NOW. Do you have what it takes to be crowned in the Wild West! Build your own town, recruit your own gangs and get ready to fight against players from all over the WORLD.

How do I move my state to last shelter?

You can check if it is open for you in the Events Menu. In the state immigration event (Events menu) you have the option to choose a state to migrate to.

How do I make silver in the West game?

Many ways exist to increase the Town Silver production:Build & upgrade Cabins.Use Silver Production Boost Items.Research Silver production.Sheriff Skill perks.Sheriff equipment.VIP.Heroes.Alliance Boosts.

How do you teleport in last shelter?

To use an advanced teleport just find the location you want to move to and tap a tile on the map. Select the teleport option. Some locations cannot be teleported to and you may need to choose a position carefully.

How do you join a state in state of survival?

Once you are in the map view of the state that you want to move to you should find any empty plot of land and tap on it. You will see a Join State option. Tap this and follow the prompts to complete the move. Your base will be moved to a random location in this state and it will now be your new home state.

How do you move bases in last shelter?

Open world map and find the location that you want to move to. Tap on an open area of ground and if its suitable for you to move to (not water / mountains etc) then it should give you the option to move there. You must have a teleport item available to you though.

How do you teleport in West game?

Enter the state number you want to teleport to and select go. Then select enter the state, so you can see the state map. STEP 2: Choose a location in the target State and tap the ‘Move’ button.

What is troop load in West game?

Troop Load. Troop Load increases the amount of resources your soldiers can carry away from attacks and resource gatherings. Troop Load is part of Economics Research. Troop Load II is under March Research.